Cable Maintenance

Cable maintenance is a simple and yet an overlooked aspect of the many pieces of gear we as musicians need to maintain. Luckily, it's not having to take apart anything or changing anything. It's simple and as long as you continue to take the following steps regularly, you will be able to continue prolonging the life of your cable. We've included a maintenance package with your cable to make this process even better.

Cable Maintenance Tips:

  1. Properly coiling your cable anytime you are putting it away and using the PureSound cable wrap that comes with the cable to keep your wound cable together. 
  2. Use your PureSound provided microfiber and wipe down the connector ends.
  3. Then, use the Deoxit Gold wipe that is included in your cable maintenance package and wipe the connectors down. This is a great way to keep your connectors clean and protected and is only something we recommend applying every couple months depending on how hard you play and the environments it is used in.

Maintaining your cables is a simple process and we like it that way!