Electric Guitar Cable

PureSound professional instrument cable is the perfect match for any guitar into any amplifier. Guitarist demand the best tone! We deliver this by understanding that neutrality is the overall goal. Your guitar should sound exactly like your guitar and your amplifier like your amplifier was intended to sound, without any signal distortion or coloration.

PureSound Professional Electric Guitar Cable

Designed to be completely transparent allowing for clarity and true tone, while achieving the finest quality of sound. These cables are completely neutral in tone!

Our cables reproduce accurate representations of its initial source. What we mean by that is, our cables do not color your tone. They sound exactly like what your instrument sounds like straight from its pickups or source.

We achieve this by using the highest quality materials. Using a single 20 AWG 45 high strand count silver plated pure oxygen free copper conductor for maximum signal transfer.

The conductor is coated with a low-noise polyethylene coating to eliminate any handling noise or microphonics.

The conductor is then insulated with a high-density cellular foam, to not only protect the center conductor, but also its used to keep the capacitance of the cable as low as possible.

A foam insulator is then also coated with a low-noise coating again to assure its extremely low handling noise.

The shield has a 97% coverage SILVER PLATED PURE OXYGEN FREE COPPER spiral shield. Making the cables ultra-flexible and making its rejection to RFI, EMI, and ESI extremely efficient.

Each cable is hand soldered with quad-eutectic silver solder and each connection is covered with a dielectric water-resistant coating.

We use the premium quality Neutrik gold-plated connectors. We also offer an upgraded silent end Neutrik plug for silent fast switching between guitars on stage.

The outer jacket is an ultra-flexible red PVC.

The cable is then covered in a high tech polymer meshing made by TechFlex making it as tough as it gets when it comes to audio cable.

Limited lifetime warranty on all PureSound cables.   



  • NEUTRIK® High-Quality Gold Plated Connectors
  • 20 AWG Silver Plated Oxygen Free Pure Copper Center Conductor
  • 45 High Strand Count Copper For Ultra-Flexibility
  • Twice Layered Low-Noise Polyethylene Insulation
  • Low Capacitance Cellular Foam Insulator
  • Protective Dielectric Water Resistant Connections
  • Sweet Spot Performance Capacitance PF/FT
  • 97% Coverage Silver Plated Oxygen Free Pure Copper Spiral Shield
  • Ultra-Flexible Red PVC Outer Jacket
  • High Tech Polymer Protective Outer Meshing Made By TechFlex
  • Hand Soldered Using High-Quality Audio Grade Flux and Quad-Eutectic Silver Solder
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • See Our F.A.Q. Page For More Info

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